How to Purchase an Instrument

For Beginners

We sell instruments for beginners all the way up to professional players. For young beginner students, it is always recommended to rent because the students will grow out of their instruments. We have all sizes so the student can grow into their next instrument.

For Intermediate Students

We have packages available for intermediate students ranging in quality, size, and cost. When you purchase from us, we will offer full trade in value towards a new instrument if the student grows out of the instrument. That is FULL CREDIT BACK towards another stringed instrument. All of the instruments bought from our shop come with a 2-year warranty. You can be sure that all instruments are of a quality that is worthy of our name and that students and professionals alike will be proud of and enjoy playing for years.

For Professionals & Experienced Players

The way an instrument feels and sounds is different for every professional. Come to the store today and try a few out we hope to help you find an instrument that fits your needs.

Winfield-Thomas Violins

New Life Violins

Have you heard about our New Life Violins?

Do you have a conservatory bound violinist or violist that you would like to send off to school with a $10,000-$15,000 instrument, but your budget is more like $2,500-$5,000?

Our New Life Violins may be the option for you! Each of these instruments start out as a premium European production violin or viola and then our master luthiers spend up to 20 hours meticulously graduating the instruments–trenching their internal perimeters, hand tuning quadrants, and hand cutting and installing a new bass bar and sound-post. When completed, these violins and violas sound and play just as well as instruments 4 times their price!

Since the awakening of his love of orchestral instruments, Bob Murphy has always pursued his passion. This recently has lead to his New Life Violin collection where Bob takes violins old and new and breaths new life into them opening and expanding on an already great instrument’s sound, projection and tone.

Bob has worked on many famous instruments including:

Stradivarius Cello

Francois Lupot Violin

Get the Right Sound and Instrument for You!
Request a String Consultation Today!

Be sure to request an appointment with a string consultant that can help guide you through selecting an instrument that is perfect for you. If you know nothing about instruments or are confused on which instrument to pick, this is the service for you. The consultant knows all about the qualities and sounds of each instrument so they can help you select the best instrument for you.